Music Video Review: HAIM's latest is harmless and fun

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 1:12pm



If you were to make a checklist of things you might find in a fun and lighthearted music video, it would probably include dancing. Fashionable clothes. Attractive, young people who look like they’re having a really, really good time. Some hip setting — a club, maybe, or some other place where people go to let loose and have fun.

HAIM’s new music video for “Little of Your Love” hits every single one of these checkmarks. Sisters Alana, Danielle and Este Haim spend the entire video dancing and striding around a retro cafe space, complete with arcade games, pool tables and a nice big wooden dancefloor. A crowd of extras surrounds them, shuffling and clapping and tapping their feet. It’s a dance that looks coordinated, but also fun and approachable, in a you-could-totally-learn-this-at-home type of way.

It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, but then again, the young-people-grinning-and-dancing formula is tried and true for a reason. The “Little of Your Love” video is fun to watch, if not particularly inventive, and it’s interesting to see the ways in which the camera slips and slides easily between the three sisters as they trade vocal parts. It’s a video that beckons the viewer to join in with the joyful spirit of the song, and by the end, when the song escalates into jumping and clapping and then slams into silence, that effort does feel like it’s paid off. The dancers all stamp their feet in unison and freeze, and the video and the song wrap up quickly and neatly. It’s as if they’re saying: “We’re all done, and wasn’t that a fun time? Wouldn’t you do it again?”


"Little of Your Love"

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson