The Central Campus Recreation Building.

At the University of Michigan, sexism is often subtle.


Aurora is an invoker. By its definition, its implications and its pronunciation it invokes a sense of grandeur unlike any other word in the English language. It is my salvation, the conviction of all other convictions.


It was the first chilly night in Ann Arbor since term had started. I was walking down State Street with a friend — the plans of watching a movie on the horizon to escape the stressful realities of our lives.

You Can't Bury Canterbury (Part 2)

This is part two of a series published by the Statement examining the Canterbury House, its influences and history.


Talking is scary.


For a population that bears the seemingly perpetual stress of finding a place to live near campus, it is curious how college students have such wanderlust for the world beyond.


It’s a question I’m asked more often than I’d like. Yet every time I’m faced with it, I draw a blank, regurgitating a superficial answer that I’ve perfected over time.

You Can't Bury Canterbury

The recording starts with Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” on the organ — you’d know it if you heard it — with a minor modulation of pitch, a quiver.

LSA senior DeAnna Jerore

I became a notetaker with Services for Students with Disabilities entirely by accident. One April evening during my freshman year, I was having dinner with my best friend and her friend.


It was the first day of sophomore year, and my biggest concern was whether or not I would get a five on my first AP exam. A few seconds after the bell rang, in came Mr. Delap.